Get Outta my namespace (revisited)

Earlier, I discussed some of the problems/issues with Flex Builder’s default configuration of outputting the swf into the “bin” folder. (see Get Outta My Namespace). Operationally, the dot Net server’s claim to the “bin” folder in server root context was one of the roadblocks to use of the “bin” folder. It’s easy enough to use another name, to avoid conditions like this one.

Well, I was recently concerned with the performance of a web application, running on IIS on the JRun4 J2EE server distributed with ColdFusion. I decided to try running the application on a JBoss server, with ColdFusion 8, and do some performance benchmarking, and analysis, to see if the problem’s root was in JRun’s management of the memory objects, or in the tuning of the JRun server, or if the change in platform would make a difference at all. The performance problem is likely rooted in the application’s architecture, and the database configuration, but it was worthwhile and easy enough to see if there was any difference in changing the platform this way.

I have a JBoss 4.05 Server running Tomcat and ColdFusion 8, basically following the easy instructions at Steve Brownlee’s blog when I had first set it up with ColdFusion7, then updating it with ColdFusion 8, using the advice from Adobe. When I attempted to use the Flex application deployed in a “bin” folder which was *not* in the root, that is it was several subfolders away from the root, the server acted as if the html container and the swf file were simply not there. I tried several things before eventually simply renaming the deploy folder to “out”. Immediately, the server recognized the deployed html and swf. I haven’t yet determined what exactly is going on, but I know the bin folder has various application specific uses for JBoss and Tomcat. It seems as though this is interefering, once again, with the default “bin” folder output for Flex deployment. I’ve updated the project, locally, to build to “out” and mapped the application to “out” and it is all working just fine.

As for benchmarking performance, I have started. I’ll try to post anything interesting I might find.


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