Handling Results in Flex from RemoteObject calls in ColdFusion

I’m putting together a music library for a client, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to measure the return results from ColdFusion in various forms, and see how they appear in Flex:

1) Calling the songService.cfc to get a list of songs as and ArrayCollection of SongVO So, in the ModelLocator.as, the songList is declared as:

[ArrayElementType("SongVO")]public var songList:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();

The SongVO is tied to the cfc with a meta tag like this:

package com.musiclib.fx.vo
      import flash.events.EventDispatcher;
         public class SongVO extends EventDispatcher         
         public var song_id:Number = 0;         
         public var owner_id:Number = 0;         
         public var category_id:Number = 0;         

Finally, the value is returned from the cfc as the ColdFusion equivalent of the AS class. In this case, I am calling getSongList(). In order to type all of the rows, each query result row must be cast into the coldfusion component type. So, when we receive the result, we get:

Charles network capture of result In the debugger, we see the modelLocator songList as null or Empty. Time to reach into the bag of tricks

debugger view of cfc call result

A quick look in the Flex manual tells me:

“Handling service resultsAfter an RPC component calls a service, the data that the service returns is placed in a lastResult object. By default, the resultFormat property value of HTTPService components and WebService component operations is object, and the data that is returned is represented as a simple tree of ActionScript objects. Flex interprets the XML data that a web service or HTTP service returns to appropriately represent base types, such as String, Number, Boolean, and Date. To work with strongly typed objects, you must populate those objects using the object tree that Flex creates.WebService and HTTPService components both return anonymous Objects and Arrays that are complex types. If makeObjectsBindable is true, which it is by default, Objects are wrapped in mx.utils.ObjectProxy instances and Arrays are wrapped in mx.collections.ArrayCollection instances.

NOTE Macromedia ColdFusion is case insensitive, so it internally uppercases all of its data. Keep this in mind when consuming a ColdFusion web service.

But, returning to a previous post, I pull this code, and plop it in:

 var result:Array = resultEvent.result as Array; 

    for (var i:String in result) 


result[i] = new ObjectProxy(result[i]); 


    ModelLocator.getInstance().myArray = result as ArrayCollection; 

Well, that didn’t help one bit. I have the same results.

Now, if I return a query, directly from the cfc, and assign what comes back directly to the target arrayCollection songList, then everything works just fine.


3 Responses to Handling Results in Flex from RemoteObject calls in ColdFusion

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    […]Handling Results in Flex from RemoteObject calls in ColdFusion « Delayed Instantiation[…]…

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