Notepad++ Support for ColdFusion 8

The full fledged IDE’s are nice and all, but some situations call for something that’s lean and mean. I happen to use Notepad++, a Scintilla based product. While it lacks ftp support, as far as I know, it has plenty for me to get some basic stuff done quickly. So, I added “support” for the new tags in Coldfusion 8.

And to make it go, save it in the Notepad++ folder, under your personal applications folder in windows. Unzip the contents and rename to userDefineLang.xml (sic), if you don’t already have one, or copy its contents to the existing one.

So, for example, my folder is C:\Documents and Settings\howard\Application Data\Notepad++\userDefineLang.xml


For more on Notepad++

If you know of a plug in for ftp support, let me know.


25 Responses to Notepad++ Support for ColdFusion 8

  1. Daniel says:

    unfortunatly I don’t get it to work…
    Should CF appear in the languages list…

  2. Daniel says:

    have to correct myself ;) after upgrading to 4.1.2 it appeard in the language list… funny wise with ColdFsuion 8 and CF8…

  3. William from Lagos says:

    Hey great. I just stumbled on your plugin when searching for a good plugin for Notepad++.


  4. Keith says:

    I could only open the zip file with WinRAR. Even then, the file seems corrupted. Is it supposed to contain valid XML?

  5. howardscholz says:

    I just posted the file on a different host. I tested the download from the original host, and it was indeed corrupted. It is fine at the new location

  6. John Giotta says:

    Whatever happened to the plugin?

  7. Dianna says:

    Just wanted to say that a FTP plugin has been listed on Notepad++, as of September.

    Sourceforge link:

  8. howardscholz says:

    That’s great. I was just using the Regular Expression tool in Notepad++ to clean up some data the other day. Adding ftp will be beautiful. Thanks for passing the word along.

  9. Pavan says:


    I was looking for this plugin. But it has been removed. Could you please mail it to me if possible. I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance.

  10. howardscholz says:

    Hello, I am almost done with a new edit on this, and it is a lot more extensive than just the language file. I have put in keyword sensitive help, autocompletion of keywords, function listing (so you can have a panel with all the functions in the current component listed on the right side… click on the function, and you’re in the code) and a few surprises. This is not a paid effort, so I’ll post what I have with no warranties within the next couple of days.

  11. Been looking for a CF plugin for notepad ++ for a long time. . I’m excited to see the new iteration. .

  12. howardscholz says:

    Jonathan, just to leave no doubt, this was not a plug in, but it takes advantage of features already existing in Notepad++. The ftp support list above is a plugin.

  13. Fabian says:

    Hey, thnx for helping me out with the CF-Tags for Notepad++
    AFAIK there is a FTP-Plugin for this great Editor now.

  14. Drew says:

    The plugin doesn’t seem to recognize comments – is it just me?

  15. BEF says:

    Drew, I have the same problem. I wonder if it might be a notepad++ problem because the user-language configurator seems too think that it’s set up correctly.

  16. Dale says:

    This has proven extremely helpful. Thanks for providing such a resource to the Coldfusion community.

  17. zb! says:

    This will definitely soothe the pain of working with CF.

    Thanks, Mr. Scholz!

  18. […] I cracked today, did a bit of googling and found a solution! Howard @ DelayedInstantiation has put together language support for Notepad++ so big kudos to him for developing the […]

  19. Johno says:

    I cant get comments to work either. They should show in green. I really want to get this working because its handy to know when a comment is not closed properly. Is there a fix for this ?

  20. Dave says:

    hi have you got a link just for the CFML plugin and not the help file.

  21. Jeremy says:

    It looks like as of September, the site that held the zip file is no longer being hosted. Could you please send me a copy of the zip file?

    Thank you

  22. Dell Charger says:

    Thanks for this , ive always needed the N++ cold fusion support :D

  23. Dustin says:

    Where’s the plugin? :( I don’t see it in any of the links here.

  24. Marco says:

    Any change to get the plugin download link working?


  25. orangepips says:

    This looks like a more actively maintained plugin:

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