Hibernate: Not the solution for everyone

Technology trends are, much like any other trends;  at a certain point, there is more trend than real business reason behind it.  Everybody seems to need an ORM solution these days, even if they didn’t have the problem that it solves beforehand:


 It’s part of reality that sometimes we upgrade, or choose technologies, because that’s what “everyone else is doing.”  This does amount to a sound business reason, if the risk can be mitigated and the cost kept manageable.  It pays to stay in step, in order to have continued support from the vendor, in order to maintain compatibility with other users (um, every upgrade to Microsoft Word since Word 2.0, I have not needed).  And if you have troubles, and need to call in the experts to help, you don’t want to be the last kid on the block running an AS400.

That being said, jumping headfirst into ORM, or any new solution for that matter, without seriously considering, benchmarking, measuring and tracking Return On Investment, is a big mistake.


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